SINCE 1986

Headquarter : NAGPUR, MH, INDIA

DIVISION-A : Integrated Marketing Inc. (IMI)

Cables- LT/HT/Flexible/House Wires, HT & LT Jointing Kits, Faults Locator Van, HIPOT Testing,

Value Addition: Cable Route Tracer(Route Tracing, Measures depth of underground cable, Identifies the required cable from bunch of cables)

Jointing Services, Jointer available 24x7 at Aurangabad, Nagpur, Akola, Amravati, Chandrapur, Bhilai, Raipur.

DIVISION-B : Electrical Centre (EC)

Substation Material, Overhead Line Conductors, LA, Horn Gap, GI Flat, JEF Earthing (Maintenance Free, Cu bonded, low carbon back-fill compound).

CI Pipes, Bentonite Powder, AB Switch, Isolators, Danger Boards, Lighting Protection System.

33 KV + 11 KV Hand Glover, Discharge Rods, RSJ Poles, Fabrication Material, etc.

DIVISION-C : Integrated Power Equipment (IPE)

Havells - LT SWGR's & Motors, LBS, VCB, RMU's, HT switchboard, Standalone VCB cubicles (11 kV & 33 kv).

Metering cubicles (33 kV & 11 kV), LT metering.

DWC Pipes (Light Weight - Extra Protection to underground cables - an alternate solution to Heavy RCC pipes),

Surge Arrestor in LT system, All protection relays, Auxiliary and static & numerical relays, etc.

DIVISION-D : Extra High Voltage (EHV)

GE make Wave Trap, Coupling Capacitor, EHV Transformer Bushings, CVT, Areva / Alsthom/English Electrical OD breaker spares.

EHV Breaker: Overhauling and Services, EHV Breaker gas filling kit, EHV - LA,CT,PT for 132 -400 kV range.

DIVISION-E : Standard House (SDH)

Complete Range of Havells:
House Wires, MCB's, MCCB's, Modular Switches, Heaters, Fan's, LED's, LLOYDS AC, etc.

Our Work Methodology

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    Let us know your requirements. We also help to you figure out requirements.

  • Define


    Get the quotation and tune it as per your needs.

  • Design


    Place the order with us.

  • Deliver


    Get the order delivered ON TIME

  • Develop


    After Sales Service: Repair, Health check, maintenance, etc

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